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The time to end human
trafficking is now.

Building a movement that can make a true and lasting difference for those experiencing human trafficking in our community.

The Exploitative Cycle of Trafficking

Human trafficking can take place anywhere, anytime, to anyone but it’s the most vulnerable members of our community that are at the greatest risk. Hidden and fast-growing, human trafficking relies on the continued exploitation of individuals being bought and sold against their will.


It is estimated there are 49.6 million men, women, and children enslaved right now. 71% are women, 29% are men, and 25% are children.

than 1%

The number of human trafficking survivors who are able to get and receive help is less than 1%.

And, this is happening to hundreds–if not thousands–of men, women and children in Orange County.  Now, more than ever, we need you to join us in this fight for freedom.

Areas of Focus

We believe in a future where human trafficking cannot exist in Orange County. Our work is guided by these five areas of focus:



The best way to end human trafficking is to stop it before it starts. It’s to go to the root by looking at systems that go deep and determine how to build safe and resilient communities that protect the most vulnerable.



Prosecution contributes to deterring the criminal act of human trafficking. We want to be a community that supports a comprehensive strategy where juries are educated, judges are informed and victims have the support they need to testify in court.



A key component to sustaining freedom is ensuring that victims and survivors’ rights are protected – empowering their independence and most importantly, their dignity.



Policies create process and patterns of ethical best practices. Policies build trust in our donor community with tools for accountability that demonstrate a commitment to human dignity.



We recognize the issue of human trafficking cannot be solved alone. We are committed to bringing organizations and funders together to build momentum.

Change happens
in collaboration.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for continuous change and the unified force that ends human trafficking in Orange County. We do this by funding where the needs are greatest and by hosting educational events designed to increase understanding of this complex issue and to deepen community engagement.
But we don’t stop there.

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Change happens in collaboration.
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Funding the fight, investing in solutions.

Funding the fight,
investing in solutions.

When you support the Collaborative, you aren’t funding one single organization—you’re investing in solutions that move the community closer to ending human trafficking. We bring experts to the table to shape a clear understanding of the deeply complex issues that are at the center of human trafficking in Orange County. From there, we are able to discern what resources are needed and where they are needed most in order to create the greatest impact.

United to Make a Difference.

Building on a 100-year legacy of creating a more resilient and stronger community, Orange County United Way is proud to administer the Collaborative’s Ending Human Trafficking fund, and will validate all granting with transparency and accountability. In addition, their Women United members are firm believers in our fight and are investors in the fund.

For more information on how to give to the Collaborative’s fund, please contact:

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Livi Kerszenbaum, MBA

Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility